The stag is bursting with vitality, grace and grace. With head held high, he comes along and proudly presents what he has. This quadruped wakes us up only by a sight.

The king of our forests is the stag. It is a cloven-hoofed animal and related to the roe deer or elk. He gracefully strides through our native realms. It proudly displays its antlers. For evolutionary reasons, animal species normally adapt to the changed environment over time. In the case of the stag, however, there has been no regression of the antlers, even though they can be a nuisance during locomotion. Researchers find this aspect interesting and explain it by the associated increased attractiveness of the animal.

A stag’s hearing is well developed. Its vision, however, is limited to the perception of movement. Silent observers are not recognized by the deer. Therefore, enemies can often approach him unnoticed and skillfully. Nevertheless, the eyes of the quadruped touch the soul of man.

Power Animal Stag

The power animal stag is able to bring our inner beauty to awakening. As soon as he appears, we should believe more strongly in our own abilities. He presents the masculine side in us. Inner wisdom, interpretation of signals and communication with our heart are stimulated by the power animal.

Life force and generally available energy increase. Life proceeds dynamically and in harmony with the people in the immediate environment. The quadruped lives in a community, protects it and can be gentle at the same time. He wants to remind us that we have a place in life, which we should take with all rights and duties.

Positive Consideration

Our own senses are sharpened by the stag. Although we cannot grasp everything with our eyes, we should learn to grasp the interplay and movements of life. If we understand what is happening in front of our eyes, we can classify whether it is a danger or a pleasant development. For this we do not always have to know or understand everything in detail. Who trusts in his inner wisdom, will be able to be sure what the next steps should be.

Negative Consideration

The stag is an erratic creature that sometimes appears suddenly and disappears just as quickly. It represents superficiality, too much timidity and can bring restlessness. Sometimes the power animal wants to point out that we should get out of the victim attitude we have adopted, because it does not bring us any improvement in the quality of life.

Dream Interpretation Stag

If the stag appears in a dream, the existing forces stabilize or improve. The vitality and general life energy experience a consolidation. The place in life is found and taken. Within a community the dreamer feels in good hands and can present himself.

The stag’s antlers promise a new love relationship for singles and bring fresh lust to couples. To see the antlers without the stag, however, stands for jealousy and problems in the partnership.

Positive Aspects

The stag brings positive news in love matters. The dreamer presents himself proudly and is ensnared.

A red stag announces success and wealth.
Several stags or a herd of stag promise a new loyal friendship or honest partnership.
Fighting stags bring improved reputation in business or personal life.
A running stag announces good business developments.

Negative Aspects

The stag is sometimes blind to the essential. Who does not listen to his feeling, turns away too quickly from someone who shows interest in the dreamer.

A dead stag is a symbol of warning. Conflicts, disagreements or wrong companions are in the dreamer’s life. Friendships and partnerships should be questioned.
A trapped stag brings strife and loss.