The moose or elk symbolizes on the energetic level the life force and thus the vitality. Powerful and respect-inspiring is his appearance. Accordingly, he presents the inner stability.

Moose are diurnal and nocturnal creatures. Their relatives include deer and roe deer. Its home is in the northern hemisphere in northern Europe, Asia and America. They like temperatures from 10° to minus 20° Celsius best. The animals would get into heat stress in warmer climates due to their low number of sweat glands. The males are equipped with the antlers that cannot be overlooked and are very distinctive. The quadrupeds like to stay in uneven forest areas or in the terrain that is difficult to access. The herbivores are mainly found in food-rich areas. Their path only leads them further when the food runs out. Unlike reindeer, they are active in foraging as solitary animals. Natural enemies of the quadruped include wolves and bears.

Power Animal Moose

The power animal moose expresses the physical strength and stability. The vitality and the general life force improve. The power animal prompts to dare to look into one’s own inner self. There, an examination of one’s own resources is indicated. In silence and in contact with oneself it is important to get a better feeling for one’s own experience. The connection to one’s own heart is established and is intended to draw attention to the fact that humor, self-love and compassion are important elements in coping with one’s own life. Kindness to oneself and others is called for. The moose is described as gentle and at the same time huge. Contrary to other hoofed animals, it is less grossly motorized. On the contrary, because the moose can move agilely even in difficult environments.

Positive Consideration

The power animal moose has a special energy. The herbivore does not attack of its own accord. Nevertheless, due to its imposing physique, its appearance is reason enough for many to keep their distance. As a solitary animal, the moose indicates that its inner resources are sufficient to overcome existing hurdles.

The animal wants to point to one’s own spiritual qualities. Who trusts in his own intuitions of visual or energetic nature, will learn to interpret important signals in the coming time. On this basis good decisions can be made.

Negative Consideration

The moose is described as waiting and rigid. Since he does not attack himself, he often remains stubbornly still even in unpleasant or dangerous moments. This makes him immobile. The ability of spontaneity is lost or not used. At the same time, his posture appears exalted and proud. Therefore, the power animal is often associated with qualities such as a materialistic attitude.

Dream Interpretation Moose

In dream interpretation, the moose is described as a symbol of protection and freedom. It embodies the existing life force and indicates that one’s own energies will be better available in everyday life in the future. Without being a burden to others, it succeeds on its own strength to express the inner stability more strongly and to grow beyond oneself.

Positive Aspects

If the moose appears in a dream, good private or professional developments may be imminent. The urge to break out of existing structures should be lived. The need for freedom wants to be seen and releases new creative forces.

Negative Aspects

The body language of the moose can easily be misinterpreted. Although the quadruped may appear imposing, it is still not someone who attacks others. In the life of the dreamer it may be that others classify him as dangerous, although he only wants to follow his own interests. As a result, in addition to the self-chosen retreat may be added isolation of people from the immediate environment.