Fleas are a symbol of a life of dependence and volatility. There is a lack of security and interpersonal conflicts are commonplace.

A flea rarely comes alone. The parasite has the ability to multiply in large numbers in just a few weeks. Although fleas do not have wings, they are classified as flying insects. Their jumping legs and speed enable them to jump almost a meter. The animals are attracted to breathing air, movement and warmth. After a sumptuous meal, the insects can go up to two months without food. This makes them true survivalists.

The life span of fleas is very limited. Usually they live only a few weeks. Some species can live up to 1 1/2 years. Fleas are considered trainable insects. Therefore, they have been shown in circus shows since the middle of the 20th century.

Power Animal Fleas

The power animal fleas expresses the volatility and dependence. The parasite cannot survive without a host. For this reason, the power animal is a symbol of toxic or dependent interpersonal ties. Mutual exploitation takes place at the expense of one of the parties. Anger, quarrels and energy-sapping discussions are tiring. In addition, they alleviate one’s own productivity.

Positive Consideration

Fleas have a strong resilience. Should a path end in a dead end, they signal the ability to turn to other possibilities and wait for them. If goals are to be recognized even far away, then there is the possibility with this power animal to reach these geschicht. In just a few steps, other allies can be found.

Negative Consideration

The power animal fleas warns against energy robbery. One’s own resources are infiltrated and shared by others without consultation. It will not be easy to find the cause of the energetic loss and then close it permanently.

Traumdeutung Flöhe

In dream interpretation, the fleas express the quality of partnerships and interpersonal ties. An encounter is not at eye level. One tries to strengthen himself on the other. Overstimulation of sensory perceptions and nerves triggers discomfort as well as disharmony.

Positive Aspects

The flea’s volatility can bring the chance to turn to a new goal. Spontaneous actions and sudden decisions are in store.

Negative Aspects

Besides quarrels and anger, there is friction, which is useless. The discussions do not lead to any change or insight. The dreamer is in for a strenuous time in which he neither has nor shows understanding or insight.