The flamingo is a loving and benevolent energetic companion. He brings the love, compassion to other people and is a sign of purification.

Flamingos are flying animals and are assigned to the class of birds. They live in colonies and are native to America, Europe and Asia. Along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as on many islands in the Mediterranean region, the long-legged pink animals can be found. In addition to the color of the plumage, the bent beak is another trademark of the flamingo.

The animals can balance and sleep on one leg. They need less muscle power to do this than when they stand on two legs. The diurnal and nocturnal birds feed on fish, crabs or mussels. The seeds of aquatic plants are also part of their diet. Eagles and wild dogs are among their natural enemies.

Power Animal Flamingo

The power animal flamingo brings love and opens the heart on the energetic level. It stands for the unconditional love and not tied to expectations. The cloak that has wrapped itself around the heart is to be opened and discarded. The desires and needs of one’s own soul want to be taken more into account. Compassion and devotion are transported into our lives through the power animal.

Positive Consideration

With the flamingo is learned to look positively at the events of their own lives. All lessons bring us further and let us mature. The power animal shows that everything that happens ultimately contributes to the promotion of development. The ability to cope with life on one leg in a stable and safe way, even in sleep, shows how much power lies in introspection and meditation.

Negative Consideration

The Flamingo is perceived by many as arrogant and overbearing. His outward appearance signals that he doesn’t care much for the opinions of others. The community seems to strengthen him and his striking plumage makes him look special. This automatically attracts envious people into his life.

Dream Interpretation Flamingo

In dream interpretation, the flamingo is a symbol of the search and longing for love. The desires of the heart are heard when the pink feathered animal appears. If the bird stands on one leg in the dream, the dreamer can face the coming time with serenity. He will be seen, addressed and found.

Positive Aspects

In love matters a positive development is to be expected. Optimism, confidence and pleasant hours await the dreamer. There is not much to do except to give a smile to the world.

Negative Aspects

If the flamingo flies away in the dream, the dreamer has missed a chance at love. The possibility of being able to live the fulfillment of his desires has been shattered at this moment. All efforts to undo something will come to nothing. It is now necessary to wait until a new opportunity arises.