Flying Squirrel

The flying squirrel bring the withdrawal and shyness. Contact with others is avoided for various reasons.

Flying squirrels are nocturnal quadrupeds that are mainly found in forests. They avoid open landscapes, as they can hardly find shelter there and can only move around with difficulty. The animals jump from branch to branch by spreading their fore and hind paws apart. Between their limbs are flaps of fur, which they then use for flying or gliding. Sliding squirrels are rodents and, unlike squirrels, cannot make long leaps.

These solitary animals are considered clumsy, feeding on nuts, fruits and insects. In the wild, they are found mainly in North America, Europe and northern Asia. In addition to the gliding skin that stretches between the limbs, the animal’s large round googly eyes stand out. They need these to see adequately at night.

Power Animal Flying Squirrel

The power animal flying squirrel brings the shyness and retreat. The animal hides during the day and can hardly be noticed at night. The own ability therefore remains closed to many. A sense of shame is present, which is to be overcome with a healthy self-confidence.

Positive Consideration

Although not all conditions are right and not all circumstances are perfect, realistically set goals can be achieved even with a handicap. Confidence in one’s own abilities increases and should give courage as well as inner strength. Everything happens at its own pace.

Negative Consideration

The help and support of others is not desired. As a result, the implementation of existing ideas takes place at a sluggish pace. Self-doubt and the conviction of not being enough are too strong. With the help of this power animal such thoughts are to be overcome.

Dream Interpretation Flying Squirrel

If the flying squirrel glides through a dream, it is time to pay more attention to the unusual ways of doing things. Nobody is perfect, but every person is full of surprises and has individual strengths.

Positive Aspects

The flying squirrel illustrates that the implementation of ideas should perhaps first be pursued without consulting others. It takes practice and trial and error until everything works the way it is intended.

Negative Aspects

Due to withdrawal and isolation, the dreamer is completely on his own. He has to concentrate on his own abilities. At the same time, he believes he can’t keep up with other people around him. The question is, does this even matter? Every person is right the way he is.