The fox is native to our region and thus close to us both physically and energetically. The predator is feared by many people because he roams the countryside as a hunter.

The fox symbolizes intelligence, caution and camouflage. As soon as he appears, we should protect ourselves from enemies and be careful. He is aloof and yet a loyal creature. Creatively, he walks through the wilderness to avoid detection. As a carnivore and herbivore, he finds food in a wide variety of ways. If a prey item fails, he seeks alternative options.  He knows exactly when it is time to retreat and when his chances are optimal.

Clever and a master of camouflage, the fox arranges his existence. Its diet includes beetles, mice, earthworms and birds as well as plants. He cleverly avoids opponents and attackers. His sense for the wrong moment or the wrong person is strongly pronounced. These are the attributes we should embrace. With this creature we have found a companion who retrieves lost soul parts, does not let himself be led on a wrong track and completes energy fields again.

Power Animal Fox

The power animal fox should be a role model for us. From a hiding place he observes what is happening and gets an overview. He is not in a hurry. Rather, he waits until the opportunity for the perfect moment presents itself. His loved ones he protects and would not take unnecessary risks.

If the four-legged friend appears in our lives, we should make wise decisions and not make hasty actions. Our instinct lets us know when we have trusted a wrong person. Alone and without further support, we will do the right thing from now on. In all activities, we can be sure that none of our loved ones will be put in danger.

Positive Consideration

Unobserved, stealthy and well camouflaged, the fox moves through the nocturnal realms. No one notices him pursuing his interests. In the same way, we will act confidently and intelligently in the coming period. Every step is well-considered, well-judged and purposeful.

With foresight and as a loner, we can rely entirely on our own abilities. We gain important experience and at the same time are loyal to the people who are especially important to us.

Negative Consideration

The quadruped warns us about people who want to ambush us. Beware of deception, the loss of energy and lies. The animal indicates guile, which must be escaped.

As soon as the fox appears, we must check who is honest with us. We should listen to our feelings and not be impressed by beautiful words.

Dream Interpretation Fox

If the fox appears in a dream, it is time to dive into the depth of our own feelings and perceptions. With him we should check the energies of our ancestors and own past lives. Perhaps we have overlooked something and thus face current challenges.

Positive Aspects

The fox embodies the desire for female closeness. If the dreaming person is male, bisexual or lesbian, the animal indicates the need for a physical union with a woman.

The skillful successful acting through a strenuous time in life is also symbolized by the fox.

Negative Aspects

Friends and close people should be subjected to scrutiny. Resentment and envy are in the air. In particular, special caution should be exercised towards strangers.

If the fox appears in a dream, betrayal and deception may occur.