The goldfish symbolizes one’s luminosity. He brings the wealth and abundance. In addition, he promotes ideas that bring about a reshaping.

The goldfish belongs to the family of carp fish. This fish is the result of breeding. The freshwater fish lives mainly in shoals and is considered sociable. Due to its origin, it lives mainly in ponds or aquariums, so it does not know any natural enemies. Animals that have been released into the wild usually have little chance of survival. Characteristic for the animal is the coppery color cast. This makes it an eye-catcher.

Power Animal Goldfish

The power animal goldfish symbolizes one’s own luminosity. The inner radiance is carried outward and stands out. Especially for light workers, the work with this power animal is particularly interesting. Since it is a breed that has wide appeal, especially between Europe and Asia, the goldfish promotes the flow of money and supports the financial sphere.

Positive Consideration

Wealth, prosperity and abundance will receive an increase. In addition, intuition and gut feeling are sharpened. There is success in all emotional decisions. The future time is characterized by well-being and enjoyment of life.

Negative Consideration

The fish has no natural history of origin. It was created by human hands and is therefore also a sign of deception. Feelings are possibly euphoric and thus more intensely displayed than they actually are. The behavior of others is probably not authentic and some behaviors are trained.

Dream Interpretation Goldfish

In dream interpretation, the goldfish is an immediate sign of wealth and financial growth. Especially professional and financial matters are under a good star. The creative power is improved overall.

Positive Aspects

Vitality experiences an upswing. If there was a lack of energy or drive lately, the dreamer can now look forward to an improved well-being.

Negative Aspects

The swarm animal warns against glare and deception. Not everything that shines is real. The dreamer should examine more closely in the near future especially the information that is too beautiful to be really true.