The giraffe brings the vision, kindness and wisdom. The cloven-hoofed animal is the largest of the animals currently living on our planet. He symbolizes the habitat that we all need.

One of the most striking creatures inhabiting the continent of Africa is the giraffe. The up to 6 m tall male animal even has its own constellation in the northern sky. The females reach a height of 4.5 m and can also get a good overview of the surroundings.

The mammal lives alone or in a loose group association. As a vegetarian, the giraffe loves acacia. Their feeding friends include lions, hyenas and leopards. However, thanks to its long neck and long legs, the spotted ruminant has many ways to defend itself adequately against attackers.

Power Animal Giraffe

The power animal giraffe brings the loving and kind energy. It provides a bridge and thus the connection between heaven and earth. The energies can flow and a balance of both levels is possible. Everything can be viewed with sufficient calmness. The giraffe provides an overview of current developments. She can thereby bring an advantage to everyone who works energetically with this animal.

Positive Consideration

The change of perspective to a higher vantage point helps to evaluate developments and events less emotionally. An overall picture emerges and allows interrelationships to be better understood. It is beneficial to observe everything in order to subsequently strive for a peaceful solution. The giraffe reminds to stay completely with oneself and not to pay attention to negative influences.

Negative Consideration

The power animal indicates arrogant behavior. Arrogance and blasé are assigned to the giraffe because it moves down from above. In addition, interference, self-absorption and a negative form of curiosity are embodied by the power animal.

Dream Interpretation Giraffe

If the giraffe appears in a dream, it wants to communicate that a matter will change for the better if a considered procedure takes place. An overview of the motives for action and emotions of all involved should be obtained so that clarity can take hold.

Positive Aspects

Those who can stay out of disputes and take a neutral position will ultimately come off as superior winners. Necessary risks will be manageable and low.

Negative Aspects

The giraffe brings aloofness to the dreamer. This can mean that the person concerned is emotionally intangible for other people or that he himself has problems with being able to correctly assess a fellow human being. Communication is also more difficult.