Fish or pisces brings intuition and abundance. The energies flow and thereby set life in motion. The animal teaches to trust and follow your own intuitions.

Fish are vertebrates that live exclusively in water. They can survive stays in the air or on land only for a short time. The animals are colorful, have a changing body temperature and breathe through gills. The oldest conspecific is over 450 million years old. Therefore, fish are considered the oldest animals native to our planet. They come in different sizes and body shapes. Some of them feed on algae or other plants living in the water. Others are predatory fish that feed mainly on conspecifics or other aquatic species. Most importantly, fish have numerous natural enemies. Besides humans, bears, crocodiles or seals also hunt for them.

Power Animal Fish

The power animal fish symbolizes the flow of energies and brings abundance. Intuitive action and reflection on their own abilities are in the foreground. The power animal establishes the connection between perception, inner wisdom and gut feeling. The subtle energies play an intensive role and will show themselves more strongly. As soon as the fish appears in life, dangers are recognized early and opportunities are better used.

Positive Consideration

With this power animal, the feeling of abundance returns. The times of deprivation or lack are over. Those who entrust themselves to the course of life experience a deep satisfaction on an emotional as well as material level. The power animal Pisces illustrates the diversity of the environment. The beauty of everyday life can be perceived consciously again and give strength.

Negative Consideration

The Pisces often does not meet emotional challenges in a stable and confident way. He is characterized by fears, doubts and insecurities. A counter-argument can completely destroy a built-up vision. Existential fears, depressive phases or an emotional low seem insurmountable. Especially in the face of negative influences, there is a danger of overreaction.

Dream Interptretation Fish

In dream interpretation, the fish is interpreted as an indication of the emotional world. Inspirations and ideas bring new developments. Creativity increases and shows new possibilities. In addition, the fish gives information for the unconscious.

To be given a fish in a dream indicates a financial gain.

Positive Aspects

Self-reflection and self-criticism bring clarity, answers or important information. Connections become clear. Accordingly, it can be addressed and a possible disaster can be transformed into a sense of achievement. The murky fog clears, as instinctive actions will bring the dreamer to his goal in everyday life.

Negative Aspects

A fish that slips out of the hand or is very slippery should be taken as a warning. Circumstances in the dreamer’s life are intangible and lead to the fact that in a matter not all the facts are clear. An insidious situation can only be uncovered if the dreamer relies entirely on his own feelings. If fears and doubts prevail, he must expect a loss.