The hedgehog has a natural protective armor. As soon as the quadruped feels uncomfortable or senses danger, it curls up and thus ensures its survival.

The hedgehog can protect itself almost perfectly in a few moments when faced with an impending inconvenience. His spines and patience help him successfully cope with dangerous situations. He needs only his own body and his pronounced agility for this.

His external appearance contributes to his ability to camouflage himself well in his environment. Therefore, it is often simply overlooked by enemies. Its natural enemies include the badger and the fox. Only when the hibernator has built up sufficient confidence does it show itself and seek contact. Its habitat is near the ground in Europe, Asia and Africa. It is not native to the continents of America and Australia.

Power Animal Hedgehog

The power animal hedgehog wants us to know that we carry everything for sufficient protection. As long as we rely on our own instincts and are cautious, we move in safety. We have the ability to retreat until the storm has passed.

At the same time, we need to optimize our own behavior. Those who hastily pull out of a situation trigger disruptions in communication and harmonious togetherness.

Positive Consideration

The hedgehog’s empathy is strongly developed. With an excellent sense of intuition and a good gut feeling, the four-legged friend notices even the smallest dangerous situations. Therefore, the power animal often reacts early and quickly avoids possible dangers.

He does not want to be intrusive and pays very meticulous attention to the privacy of others. The hedgehog does not interfere and is appreciated for it.

Negative Consideration

Das Bedürfnis nach Schutz und Sicherheit kann für alle Betroffenen anstrengend sein. Dem Einzelgänger mangelt es manchmal an sozialer Kompetenz und dem Verständnis für andere. Der Igel zieht sich lieber zurück und stiehlt sich daher aus der Verantwortung. Dadurch wirkt er oftmals intolerant.

So gut sein Schutzpanzer für die Gefahren des Lebens auch sein mag, häufig nisten sich Läuse oder Parasiten im Stachelkleid des Igels ein. Sie rauben ihm damit Energie und leben auf seine Kosten.

Dream Interpretation Hedgehog

If the hedgehog appears in a dream, one’s own behavior must be critically questioned. The dreamer has difficulty in moving according to social norms.

He can be sure that no one will succeed in really hurting him. One’s own protective armor is impenetrable to others. The energy robbers must be discovered and eliminated. However, there is no real danger.

If the hedgehog curls up in the dream, the dreamer will avoid an imminent danger at the right moment.

Positive Aspects

The hedgehog warns the dreamer with his nose of possible challenges and temptations in the coming time. In order not to stand in the shot fire or to follow a wrong track, the person concerned will retreat in time. Thus, he will not become a bruiser for another person.

Negative Aspects

The hedgehog’s protective armor leads to isolation. At the same time, tolerance and human interaction are reduced to a minimum. Signals can be misunderstood, as the hedgehog indicates that the dreamer feels too quickly personally attacked.