The hawk and the sparrowhawk bring in the energetic work the growth, the vitality and increase the creative development. The birds of prey stand out for their sharp gaze.

The goshawk is a bird of prey and the sparrow hawk is a type of mini-hawk. Both belong to the goshawk species and are therefore also related to the vulture. Their food consists of other bird species and mammals. If it comes to conspicuousness or disturbances, the goshawk warns by loud calls. These can be heard several hundred meters away and thus also serve other animal species for orientation. The bird is mainly found in warm regions. Its preferred habitat is in mountains and coniferous forests. There it builds its nest to preserve its species. Unlike the falcon, the goshawk does not use its feet only to catch and hold prey. Prey is hunted by flying close to the ground or from the bird’s perch. Through a short, fast and very agile pursuit flight, it reaches its prey and grabs it with its strong toes.

Power Animal Hawk

The power animal hawk promotes one’s own intuition. The awareness of existing wishes and dreams is brought into focus. The hope for an improvement of the situation is brought to life by him. His message reminds that the challenges in life contribute to the growth of one’s self and therefore should not be avoided completely. Those who follow his inspirations, show creativity and seek possible solutions in previously undreamed-of areas will experience enrichment through the power animal.

Positive Consideration

The goshawk likes variety. His own habitat is characterized by it. He would like to pass on this impulse on the energetic level. In addition, he brings the clarity and the possibility to get an overview of the current developments. Nothing escapes his sharp sense and his agility is a sign of the existing flexibility.

Negative Consideration

The dark side of the hawk includes an inner restlessness and nervousness. The head is burdened with many thoughts whirring around. There is a lack of balance and composure. Constant preoccupation with current problems narrows the view of possible solutions. The temper must be controlled and the learning task is to face situations with calmness.

Dream Interpretation Hawk

When the hawk appears in a dream, it announces messages. These can come from the unconscious or reveal themselves in quite everyday situations. Vitality should also be checked. Too much stress and hectic can lead to states of overload.

Positive Aspects

If the hawk appears in the dream with a positive basic energy, then a success is approaching. This is usually of a professional nature. In addition, the bird of prey announces the truth about events and future developments. It can also be understood as a warning signal of danger or taking unnecessary risks.

Negative Aspects

In some cases, the hawk brings to light an infidelity. Therefore, the relationship with the partner, a friend or family member should be questioned.

Hunting a goshawk announces an impending and unexpected loss. If the goshawk eats its hunted prey, enemies and adversaries are waiting for the dreamer to make a mistake.