The badger promotes the intuitive approach on the energetic level. He wants us to sharpen our senses and not believe everything we are told.

The badger is native to our climate zone and prefers forests and hedgerows. Nevertheless, we only very rarely get the chance to see him as well. Its habitat is below the ground and well hidden in woods. The omnivore, like the otter, belongs to the marten family. It hibernates there in the cold months of the year. Badgers are nocturnal creatures. In addition, they are solitary animals that minimize contact with other inhabitants of the earth.

The jaws of the animal are very strong. Its locomotion rather cumbersome and slow. Badgers can weigh up to 20 kg and are burrow dwellers. Thus, they resemble rabbits in their way of life. Badgers have poorly developed eyesight. The smelling and hearing works the better for it.

Power Animal Badger

The power animal badger wants us to sharpen our senses. Only alone, what is happening before our eyes does not show the whole picture. Sensitivity and intuition are symbolized by the animal. As soon as it is possible to look at a matter on all levels and not only focus on the obvious, new insights arise. The trust in perception is trained by the power animal. The loner teaches that there are situations in which a reliance on one’s own competencies can be advantageous.

Positive Consideration

A look behind the scenes can be eye-opening. Sometimes it is helpful to dig and dive deep into the soul processes to get answers and see connections. The time for profound revelations has come. Transformation, truthfulness and reflection on the essentials are indicated. Self-discovery is currently the focus of all events.

Negative Consideration

Anyone who switches on the light in the dark will be blinded. Therefore, it is not purposeful to relinquish responsibility in the current phase of life. The courage for self-knowledge is required. As soon as it is ignored that the person concerned is asked to look at the processes of his life, the dark sides of the badger show themselves. Conflicts, disagreements and dissatisfaction return, if the chance for the establishment of balance is not used. This can only occur if reflection takes place and processes are questioned.

Dream Interpretation Badger

If the badger appears in a dream, attention should be paid to its indications. This animal can be trusted. The wise creature wants to show the dreamer possibilities that will help improve the current situation in life.

If a badger builds a den, embellishments come into life. In addition, it may be the construction or renovation of their own home.

Positive Aspects

A certain everyday blindness has set in. This can have advantages. Reflecting on the intuitive forces can be beneficial and purposeful. Resources are conserved and can be available for other areas of life. The self-healing powers are activated by the badger. The balance between conscious and unconscious actions is established.

Negative Aspects

Every person, no matter how friendly, has moments when they encounter others in a negative way. These should be critically considered in a self-reflection. Perhaps they are the causes of current discrepancies in the life of the dreamer.