The llama and alpaca are leisurely and resilient animals. It helps in the implementation of business interests and has its own way of expressing his displeasure.

Llamas belong to the camel family and are basically peaceful herd animals. The female animals are always higher in rank than the male quadrupeds, so that each herd is led by a mare. The male animals are responsible for the territorial fight and the defense of the herd. The herbivores live in the South American Andes.

Llamas are still used today in some regions as livestock and beasts of burden. In addition, wool can be obtained from their fur. The body language of the animals gives clear indications of the current mood. The spitting of the quadrupeds is used for territorial or rank defense, is part of the mating behavior and is used in cases of food envy. Llamas spit stomach contents and not saliva. Only in case of threat or harassment humans are spat at, because normally the animals only spit at conspecifics.

An alpaca is smaller and lighter than the llama. On the energetic level, the two animals are interpreted in the same way.

Power Animal Llama

The power animal Lama is persistent and persevering. It brings the inner strength and indicates that obstacles will be overcome. Some goals could already be achieved and to overcome upcoming hurdles all resources are enough. At the same time, the power animal symbolizes gentleness and openness. The emotional experience should be considered more closely and questioned, as it brings helpful insights.

Positive Consideration

The quadruped is frugal and already very satisfied with little. The community and inner order give support, orientation and are the true values. The female energies are in the foreground and serve as an important guide. No matter how far away a goal may be, it can be reached with security in the heart. Especially in financial matters, the power animal brings an increase.

Negative Consideration

If the emotional experience is in an imbalance, difficulties arise. Interpersonal problems occur when dominance or encroachment are lived. The power animal indicates that resistance is to be expected as soon as personal boundaries are crossed.

Dream Interpretation Llama

The llama in a dream is a sign of success due to own initiatives and competences. The dreamer should follow his ideals, concentrate on the essentials and refrain from useless gimmicks.

Positive Aspects

The quadruped brings prosperity and recognition within group activities. One’s own abilities will be of use as soon as they are put to use without arrogance.

Negative Aspects

Anyone who disregards or misinterprets the body language and cues of their counterpart must expect conflict. In dealing with each other, mutual consideration and care are required so that discrepancies can be overcome.