Lizards bring the ability to survive and resist. In addition, lizards are signs of a cool approach even if the situation is just emotionally heated.

Lizards belong to the reptiles and are distributed worldwide with the exception of Antarctica. The group of lizards includes geckos, iguanas, lizard, monitor lizards or chameleons. The body of the reptiles is covered with scales to protect them from the sun. This prevents the animals from drying out. During adolescence, there are several molts, because the scales do not grow with the animal due to their structure of strength and stability.

The alternately warm animals adapt their body temperature to the environment. When it is warm, they are nimble and agile. When it gets cold, they lapse into rigidity. Lizards lunge and can extend their long tongues at lightning speed to capture their food. When fleeing, lizards and geckos can shed their tails as soon as the situation calls for it.

Power Animal Lizards

As a power animal, lizards bring the ability to adapt to the environment to a certain extent. If it costs too many resources, it is switched to the pull-out and stress or moodiness simply bounce off. This leads to avoidance of overwhelm and promotes self-protection. Lizards help to look at the current situation from a different perspective and thus to recognize the possible solutions with one’s own competences.

Positive Consideration

Changeability and adaptability are necessary to better cope with everyday life and its challenges. In a first step, it is sufficient to follow events with less emotion. Calmly, prudently and with some distance, new insights can be gained.

Negative Consideration

Help or understanding from others is not to be expected or is simply not wanted. In the long term, this leads to isolation and loneliness. One’s own behavior is focused on the satisfaction of one’s own needs and does not have the well-being of the community in mind.

Dream Interpretation Lizards

If lizards appears in a dream, the future steps can be taken confidently and with conviction. Wisdom and knowledge of the next decisions come from within. Obstacles are successfully overcome, because all the necessary skills for this.

Positive Aspects

Sometimes life doesn’t require much and possibly less than previously thought. As soon as one’s own strength allows it, all pending tasks are completed. This requires a clear head and the dreamer has it now.

Negative Aspects

People from the immediate surroundings are kept at an emotional distance. At first glance, everyone belongs together, it seems harmonious and no one stands out, but a closer look can reveal details that paint a different picture.