The locust is a symbol of the leap to freedom. It also expresses flexibility and a new beginning. In addition, it also describes capriciousness, arbitrariness and fickleness.

Locusts are insects that have six feet and can fly. It is the generic term for all long-fingered and short-fingered grasshoppers. In common parlance, they are also often referred to as hayseeds. All insects that have long hind legs and can jump belong to the order of locust. Therefore, the insects are also called jumping grasshoppers.

The grashoppers and also the cricket are classified as locusts. The distinction is found in the length of the antennae. The insects feed on grasses and are used by many animal species to sustain their species. Moles, martens, mice or birds feed on the locusts.

Power Animal Locust

The power animal locust brings momentum to existing projects. In a short time there will be progress and advancement. The general pace of life is increased when an insect of order appears on the energetic level. If something came to a standstill, a quantum leap must now be expected.

Positive Consideration

Joie de vivre, lightness and carefreeness are described by the power animal. In addition, the desire for freedom is met. Shackles are discarded and a new beginning is on the horizon. A feeling of liberation arises as soon as the locust hops through life.

Negative Consideration

The power animal brings inconstancy, volatility and capriciousness. A given word will not be able to be relied upon. This causes problems in the interpersonal sphere. It can come to sudden decisions, which represent an overload for other people from the social environment.

Dream Interpretation Locust

In dream interpretation, the locust is described as a sign of change and new impulses. Opportunities arise, which should be used. In an existing interpersonal connection, a separation may occur if the freedom of one partner or both persons was disregarded.

Positive Aspects

Experiences of success and new beginnings are possible with the grasshopper. Stalled projects are now experiencing a new impetus. However, to ensure that this is not just short-term, a sustainable course still needs to be set.

Negative Aspects

Most often, the opportunities that arise from the insect are not used. Often they are not recognized by the dreamer, because they pass quickly. Capriciousness and volatility bring unrest into life.