The camel expresses moderation and perseverance on the energetic level. The developments progress only slowly. Short-term spontaneous actions remain unsuccessful.

Camels belong to the mammals. The quadrupeds are assigned to the genus of cloven-hoofed animals. The large and ruminant animals are found in warm to hot regions. Camels are divided into dromedaries and bactrian camels. The difference is clearly visible in the number of humps on the back. A dromedary has only one hump, camels have two. Camels, like donkeys or horses, are used as livestock for transporting heavy loads and people. The animals, which can weigh up to 700kg, live in harem groups in the wild. The vegetarians often fight fierce battles for rank in the group with male conspecifics.

Even if there is a clear visual difference, camels and dromedaries are nevertheless interpreted in the same way on the energetic level.

Power Animal Camel

The power animal camel brings calm and calls for patience. A good portion of perseverance is necessary in the current situation. All developments take place step by step. Big leaps are not to be expected. Reserves should be built up so that in the coming time there are enough resources to fall back on. Serenity and an inner balance are present. They have to be kept stable so that the challenges can be mastered well.

Positive Consideration

Extreme situations are successfully overcome. The camel brings grace, continuity and the strength not to despair. Despite adverse circumstances, the beauty of life is not lost. Tasks are accomplished. At a moderate pace, successes become apparent. The simple and straightforward decisions are the signposts to the goal. The letting happen is learned and creates confidence.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the power animal includes stubbornness and narrow-mindedness. Spontaneity or flexibility are almost impossible. All steps are perceived as a burden. Therefore, a victim attitude can quickly be adopted, which blocks the view of the necessity of the current situation. Everything has its purpose. Those who surrender to laziness or capriciousness will not be able to recognize this.

Dream Interpretation Camel

In dream interpretation the camel is a signal for special challenges. The dreamer should inwardly prepare for an arduous path in a current situation. Although the goal will be reached, there will be only small progress in the near future.

Buying or keeping a camel is an indication of a successful business.

Positive Aspects

If the dreamer has the feeling that a certain matter is doomed to a standstill, the camel communicates that nevertheless further forward movements take place. Even the most difficult hurdles will be overcome. Perseverance and stamina will be enough to achieve a positive result.

Negative Aspects

In a situation that was actually considered settled, delays and arduousness are to be expected. An end is not yet in sight, although this has become apparent. With the forces should be well managed, because the resources must still be sufficient for a while. If the dreamer is wasteful with it, he will have the short end of the stick.