Master Hilarion

The Ascended Master of the 5th Divine Ray is Hilarion.

The ruler and master of the 5th ray is Hilarion. The charismatic monk and healer often retreated into solitude in his earthly existence and has dedicated himself to the healing of people. He always stands up for the well-being of people also on the energetic level and helps with the realization as well as the fulfillment of the own life task. Hilarion activates the perception via the third eye. This makes him especially interesting for people who work in the esoteric or spiritual field. In their work they use the third eye and often connect with the energies of the spiritual world. Nevertheless, Hilarion is also accessible to all who do not dedicate themselves professionally to spiritual work, but are looking for help for their personal development. The world leader supports people on their way to a higher consciousness. With him it is possible to get a feeling for what is needed for one’s own life in order to be able to experience a lasting feeling of happiness and contentment. Hilarion makes people realize the power of words and gives inner peace.

Themes of 5th Divine Ray

The themes this Ascended Master stands for are concentration, truth and healing.

Energy of 5th Divine Ray

The energy of Master Hilarion is described as loving, patient, healing and strengthening.

Color Assignment

The color of the 5th divine ray is green.

History & Background

The name Hilarion comes from Greek and Latin. “Hilarios” in translation means “cheerful” and “happy”. His name is synonymous with the “wisdom of the flaming heart”. With his energy, existing insights also become accessible to the emotional body. As soon as they are integrated there, they contribute to a holistic experience.

The year 371 A.D. is named as the time of Hilarion’s ascension.

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