Master Lady Nada

The Ascended Master of the 6th Divine Ray is Lady Nada.

The ray of peace, inner strength, unconditional love and gratitude is guided by Lady Nada. It helps to look at what has happened with the necessary distance. This is necessary to promote decision-making that is not purely emotional. With distance, factual reasoning can gain important space and be essential for further decisions or dealing with other people. A less emotional atmosphere helps in interpersonal dealings and supports a joint solution finding. Through the world leader people learn how to deal with themselves and others in a caring & loving way. This also applies to phases in life that are exposed to special challenges. It is in these moments that caring for others sometimes gets lost. Lady Nada teaches security, humility and the joy of sensuality. She provides assistance to people, showing them helpfulness, selflessness and acceptance. With the energy of the 6th ray, people seeking advice learn to accept themselves and their own bodies. She energetically invites to surrender to life with all senses. With the world guide, a strengthening of the sensory perception is achieved. She supports and gives help as soon as people stand by others.

Themes of 6th Divine Ray

The themes this Ascended Master stands for are spiritual healing, universal peace, idealism, devotion and manifestation.

Energy of 6th Divine Ray

The energy of the ray is described as strengthening, supportive, unconditionally loving and sensual.

Color Assignment

The color of the 6th divine ray is ruby red.

History & Background

Master Lady Nada is a member of the karmic council. She conveys humility and self-control in challenging times. In her earthly incarnations she is said to have been Mary Magdalene. She has always had the mission of opening the hearts of people. In the service of the Divine, she imparts grace and grinds awareness for peace and harmony.

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