Master Jesus

The Ascended Master of the 9th divine ray is Jesus.

The Ascended Master of the 9th Ray is Jesus. With his Christ energy he brings truthfulness and unconditional love. The recognition of one’s own truth is made possible. Jesus teaches to align one’s actions according to what is right and really true. Selfishness, self-interest as well as egoism receive no breeding ground through his energy. The focus is on the development of the aspiration for honesty and sincerity. On the way of self-discovery redemption is experienced. Dealing with authoritarian persons is mastered successfully. Jesus opens one’s heart, allows protection and care to be received. He conveys on the energetic level that we are all children of God and valuable. The Ascended Master guides, blesses and supports everyone in the process of growth here on earth. It becomes possible to remove the veil from our eyes and thus give space to reality. This process is essential for one’s own fulfillment. Previous misconceptions or fallacies are overcome so that the energy of love can flow. With Jesus a way is found to overcome earthly burdens. He gives the necessary strength, courage and love.

Themes of 9th Divine Ray

The themes for which this Ascended Master stands are harmony, tranquility, balance and equilibrium.

Energy of 9th Divine Ray

His energy is described as light, bright and gentle.

Color Assignment

The color of the 9th divine ray is magenta.

History & Background

Jesus was born 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem, Isreal. He is also known by the name of Sananda. Jesus belongs to the White Brotherhood and is the most famous master of the Occident. In his teaching about love and the divine light, he is beyond all religions. He brought a timeless and universal message to the people. Through him, resurrection and life are brought to the center.

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