Master Kuthumi

The Ascended Master of the 10th divine ray is Kuthumi.

The master of the 10th ray has its roots in India and is Kuthumi. The gentle world teacher helps in the discovery of one’s own gifts. Hidden talents lie dormant in each of us. Sometimes there is an inkling of their existence, but the awareness of it has not yet unfolded. Some gifts need to be nurtured so that they can be recognized. The energy of Kuthumi grounds and brings peacefulness. This process creates the possibility for the journey of discovery into one’s self. It broadens the perspective on one’s own life as well as targeted situations. With the Ascended Master new perspectives open up and he helps to feel a deep connection with the earth and all living beings. Grounding is experienced through Kuthumi. Those seeking advice practice patience and become more serene when they connect with the light being. One’s sense of reality is sharpened with the energy of the divine ray. Wealth and abundance are experienced through the feeling of connectedness. The well-being improves in this energy and serenity sets in. An inner balance is established and thus an optimization of one’s own energy balance occurs. Master Kuthumi lets a pleasant silence and calmness be felt.

Themes of 10th Divine Ray

The themes for which this Ascended Master stands are serenity – in connection with patience, balance in the energetic sense, wealth and abundance.

Energy of 10th Divine Ray

Its energy is described as gentle, calming, replenishing and connecting.

Color Assignment

The color of the 10th divine ray is gold.

History & Background

Kuthumi has also been transmitted under the name Koot Hoomi, K.H. or Koot hoomi Lal Singh. He belongs to the White Brotherhood. In his earthly incarnations he transmitted the knowledge of Eastern Buddhism to the Europeans.

The year 1889 is named as the time of Kuthumi’s ascension.

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