Master Maha Cohan

The Ascended Master of the 8th Divine Ray is Maha Cohan.

Maha Cohan is the ascended master of the 8th ray. With his support, the goal is always clear to see. The fog clears and the view becomes sharp. We learn with him the demarcation and the necessary actions that are conducive to protection or retreat. The energy of the light being helps to listen to the inner voice and to say “no”. Often we invest too much energy and enthusiasm in situations that are more important to others than ourselves. It is not always easy to gain clarity about present entanglements and to recognize early on, on our own initiative, when we are spending ourselves for others rather than ourselves. With Master Maha Cohan we follow our intuition. We expand our consciousness and have important moments of insight. These are the basis to avoid temptations or automatisms. Maha Cohan brings comfort, encouragement and the strength to overcome the thought of giving up. The weak moments are overcome thanks to his energetic support. With the Ascended Master it is possible to harmonize mind and heart.

Themes of 8th Divine Ray

The themes for which this Ascended Master stands are clarity and discernment in the sense of seeing and recognizing and training intuition.

Energy of 8th Divine Ray

The energy of Master Maha Cohan is described as pure, illuminating, delimiting and protective.

Color Assignment

The color of the 8th divine ray is aquamarine.

History & Background

The name Maha Cohan translates as “Master of Masters,” “Great Controller,” “Lord of the World,” or “Holy Spirit. He is described as the one who directs all others. At the same time, he always takes the position that is needed: among them, above them, with them. Without the other masters, his energy would not be there either.

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