Master Saint Germain

The Ascended Master of the 7th Divine Ray is Saint Germain.

The guide and master of the 7th ray is the Count of Saint Germain. This energetic companion stands for devotion, self-love and transformation. With his support, obstructive shackles can be discarded in order to achieve inner freedom. This process is especially important to achieve fulfillment in life and to feel well-being. Through the energetic power of the World Leader, those seeking guidance achieve surrender and can break through existing beliefs that are no longer conducive to further development. In many situations, one’s own mental limitations are the impediments to a positive way of life and have a braking effect on the experience of a happy event. Sometimes this cannot even be recognized from one’s own perspective. St. Germain wants to help people to live in harmony with everything and to transform their ego. It helps to see humanity as a whole, to be objective and to recognize free will. Awareness of emotional entanglements empowers one to dissolve them. As a result, fulfillment can be experienced and enjoyed. In addition, tolerance of others is automatically improved. This provides for an improved in dealing with fellow human beings.

Themes of 7th Divine Ray

The themes for which this Ascended Master stands are transformation, transformation and self-knowledge.

Energy of 7th Divine Ray

The energy of Master Saint Germain is described as changing, transforming, harmonizing and liberating.

Color Assignment

The color of the 7th divine ray is violet.

History & Background

Master Saint Germain is also known in the etheric realm as Ragoczy. He is the leader of the present age. This is the Aquarian Age. As the Count of Saint Germain, he fascinated people in the Middle Ages. He lived in Europe and caused astonishment with his views. Independent and rich, he cared less about human concerns and more about expanding consciousness.

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