Meaning Number 17

The meaning of the number 17 includes independence and determination. Gathering one’s own experience is central to the number seventeen.

The odd number 17 is between the sixteen and the eighteen. Seventeen is the seventh prime number. In Italian, the number 17 has a similar meaning as 13 in German. In many areas, this digit is omitted. This includes, for example, the 17th floor in skyscrapers or the 17th row in airplanes. In our country the number 17 is represented in some historical hit songs of the 70s. The Roman notation for the 17 is XVII.

Angel Number 17

In angel numerology, the angel number 17 is interpreted as a number for optimism. The angels let know that some changes are already bearing fruit and the right path has been found. New possibilities arise from leaving behind aspects of life that are no longer relevant. The number should encourage to listen to yourself and continue to work on your own inner positive direction.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 17 corresponds to that of the number 8. (1+7=8)

Numerology & Tarot

The number 17 corresponds to the card The Star in the Tarot. The card symbolizes hope and wisdom. The positive card brings harmony and inspiration. Likewise, generosity enters into life. In addition, the star brings a period of fertility.

Dream Interpreation Number 17

The number 17 in a dream represents the pursuit of independence. Seventeen brings determined action and the desire to gain experience for oneself instead of resting on the laurels of others.

Positive Aspects

The inner stability is pronounced and strong. This creates the willingness to find one’s own way and at the same time to be there for others. Those who manage to be neither opinionated nor resentful will rise above themselves.

Negative Aspects

There are concerns and fear of negative experiences. These assumptions are based on past events and should be overcome. Withdrawal will not be the solution. Rather, it helps to face the challenges.