Meaning Number 79

The meaning of the number 79 includes intuitive action and the completion of a project. A phase of life is coming to an end or ideas are being realized.

The odd number 79 is a prime number and is located between the seventy-eight and the eighty. The Roman notation for the number 79 is LXIX.

Angel Number 79

In angel numerology, the angel number 79 is a sign that one’s life tasks are being successfully addressed. The Ascended Masters and angels encourage you to serve others and the world. Connect with your inner wisdom to learn more about your future steps and decision-making possibilities.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 79 corresponds to that of the number 7. (7+9=16 => 1+6=7)

Dream Interpretation Number 79

The number 79 indicates the end of a phase of life or a project. Up to this point many intuitive decisions were made, which now find their conclusion. In harmony with family influences and self-realization, there is a completion of started projects or activities. It is a very emotional time, because the end is clear, but the new perspectives are not yet visible.

Positive Aspects

The number seventy-nine lets the dreamer know that he is near the end of a period or project. The rest of the way is overcome without further hurdles and a good conclusion is reached. All efforts pay off.

Negative Aspects

The number 79 combines joy and melancholy. Joy, because the goal is within reach. Wistfulness, because then something is irretrievably over. Saying goodbye and reorientation are pending, without the further tasks being recognizable.