Meaning Number 78

The meaning of the number 78 is associated with one’s own development, abundance and material prosperity. The goals are set and the first steps of the path have already been taken.

The even number 78 is located between the seventy-seven and the seventy-nine. The Roman notation for the number 78 is LXVIII.

Angel Number 78

In angel numerology, the angel number 78 stands for the realization of one’s own plans. The Ascended Masters and the angels announce that everything is going well and the right path has been taken. Thanks to the inner guidance, much has already been achieved and the reward for efforts is approaching.


In numerology, the meaning of the number 78 corresponds to that of the number 6. (7+8=15 => 1+5=6)

Dream Interpretation Number 78

The number 78 connects the intuitive power with the energy for success. The career is pushed, professional advancement is certain. Likewise, progress can be made in the private sphere. Projects succeed and plans are realized. Intuitively, with the goal of creating harmony and joie de vivre, undertakings succeed.

Positive Aspects

The number seventy-eight promotes individual development in harmony with the mood and ideas of the social environment. With a good nose the dreamer goes ahead and brings everyone on the right course. With the goal in mind, everything necessary is done to achieve it.

Negative Aspektects

The number 78 can show egoistic tendencies. The belief in what an optimal solution looks like for everyone and oneself does not have to match everyone’s real thoughts or ideas in the depth of all layers. The career goal sometimes becomes too focused.