The Minotaur, also known as Minotaur, is a mythical creature. He symbolizes power, strength and courage. He also stands for aggressiveness and procreative ability.

The Minotaur is a mythical creature. Its origin can be found in ancient Greek mythology. Poseidon, enraged by the behavior of King Minos, cast a spell on his wife Pasiphae. She then fell in love with a bull and gave birth to Minotaur. It is therefore a hybrid creature between man and taurus. The body is of a powerful and well-trained man. The head comes in the representations from a bull. In some traditions, the feet are also from a bull.

There are different traditions about the true origin of the mixed creature. In legends, fables and fairy tales the creature living on Crete is depicted as a fighter as well as a monster. He was banished after his birth and lived in a labyrinth built especially for him. In almost all stories the life of Minotaur ends with death in the labyrinth.

Power Animal Minotaur

The power animal Minotaur symbolizes assertiveness, strength and courage. The powerful being had no room for individual development. In him unite energies such as efficiency, vitality and anger. He could not develop his competences freely, because he was trapped in a labyrinth. This is how aggressiveness and heated behavior arise. The power animal teaches to use one’s own energies better and to adapt to the current situation in a more thoughtful way.

Positive Consideration

The animal power is united with the natural resources. In the energetic work it is to be examined in which areas an impulsiveness is present, which can ultimately lead to self-destruction. The mythical creature stands for procreative ability and sexuality. Used wisely and in good doses, it can give rise to new things.

Negative Consideration

The hybrid creature was trapped in a maze all his life and found his death there. If the power animal Minotaur appears, he warns of drives that slumber deep inside and become a ticking time bomb. The current behavior is neither well thought out, nor calculable for fellow men. The attitude towards life should be changed so that well-being is possible.

Dream interpretation Minotaur

In dream interpretation, the Minotaur is a warning and sign of an aggressive or impulsive behavior. The dreamer should better protect himself from others and urgently review his own behavior.

Positive Aspects

If the biped appears in a dream, it brings sexuality and procreative ability. New things can come into being. Nevertheless, it should be checked whether this would really be a good decision to the current situation and circumstances.

Negative Aspects

Unfulfilled and pent-up energies can lead to libidinous behavior. The attitude towards oneself, towards fellow human beings and towards life must be changed, otherwise self-damaging consequences will follow.