The milan is a powerful and imposing bird of prey. It is the bearer of news on the energetic level and announces news.

The kite belongs to the hawk species and is native to Europe. It loves open and wide areas with woods. It needs open landscapes to hunt. Outside of its eyrie it is usually silent, so that it is often only noticed late. Kites are larger than buzzards and can therefore sometimes steal their food. 

In flight, the bird of prey seeks its prey. To do this, it glides with great endurance in soaring flight over pastures and fields. The kite feeds on small mammals such as mice, birds or carrion. Even storks and toads or frogs are not safe from them. Their natural enemies include the raccoon, marten, eagle owl and the hawk. As the population of the animals and ever decreasing habitat prove to be problematic, kites belong to the protected animals. They are on the red list.

Power Animal Milan

The power animal Milan brings news and news. The powerful messenger promises the overcoming of boundaries. The spiritual horizon is expanded. Previously unknown areas of knowledge are explored to enable further development. The overview of an entire subject is gained with this power animal. Existing gaps in knowledge are closed and new knowledge is gained.

Positive Consideration

The search for answers will prove successful. For a long time, processes could not be initiated or completed because pieces of the puzzle were still missing. Now, the new information leads to moving forward and can complete an existing idea.

Negative Consideration

The power animal Milan also says that the news was obtained due to a long search and espionage. It should be checked whether the knowledge of others has been appropriated in order to gain fame with it. If someone adorns himself with foreign feathers, he will soon be defeated by enemies.

Dream Interpretation Milan

In der Traumdeutung kündigt der Milan Neuigkeiten an. Dem Träumenden werden in der nächsten Zeit Informationen zuteil, die Veränderungen bringen werden. Von Aha-Effekten bis hin zu weitreichenden Erkenntnissen wird der Träumende in der nächsten Zeit partizipieren.

Positive Aspects

The bird of prey has prevailed and defended its territory. The effort was worth it and comes home with new knowledge. The dreamer is now faced with a situation in which will act quickly and deliberately to succeed.

Negative Aspects

The upcoming decisions should only be made when everything has been thought through to the end. It is advisable to sleep on it again and to observe it carefully. Only then is the time ripe for action. Otherwise, the dreamer has risked too much in an overreaction and could lose out.