Many people associate Monday with a negative meaning. It often marks the beginning of a new busy week with obligations, deadline pressure and hardly any free time.

General Meaning

The energies of the day are not always easy to handle, because often with it there is a shift from leisure to commitment. We are altogether more emotional on the momentary day, thinking or brooding. A heaviness overcomes us and moodiness spreads. Our skin thins and we take a lot of things more personally that day than we should.

With the start of a new week, we find that we become other-directed. Often we have to do things that we dislike. At the same time, we feel we need to compensate more for other people’s moods.

This day is full of mood swings, but also full of enthusiasm. We motivate ourselves and work out plans to achieve our goals. New ideas or impulses arise. We are either strongly selfish on this day or we think in terms of the good of all.

We are usually happy when we have mastered half of the day. Then the basic mood usually improves and we start to look more friendly. As soon as the first hurdles are mastered, momentum comes into the day and we can bring good things out of it.

Astrological Meaning

People born on a Monday are very empathic. They perceive other people’s feelings more than others. They go through life full of love and devotion. They are able to put someone else’s welfare before their own. They are helpful and have a problem with separating themselves. Their kindness ensures that they are often taken advantage of by other people. Monday children sometimes need to be protected from themselves. They have many fears and are very emotional. Dealing with them is often not easy, as they can be very sensitive.




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