Tuesday is a day full of vigor, energy and verve. On this day the world can be changed. The basic energy of the day is characterized by drive and zeal.

General Meaning

With Tuesday, the general pace of life picks up. We become more active both internally and externally. Our drive is strengthened and we are more alert. On this day we want to achieve a lot or are pushed by other people actively as well as passively. The accomplishment of tasks that have to be done is often easier on this day. Some things succeed as if by themselves and also difficulties with deadlines can be overcome better.

The inner urge to do more, to work things off or to reach goals is increased on this day. We have fire under our butts and can rarely sit still. Sometimes we overshoot in exactly this energy. We want too much, stumble over our own legs or instigate conflicts and disagreements without meaning to.

It is not a day to really come to a deep rest and relaxation. The energy of the day ensures that even in a resting position we increasingly start the carousel of thoughts. Stress and hectic are activated. At the same time, we are able to achieve many things on this day and thus experience the feeling of fulfillment.

Under negative aspects we bring others against us. With positive conditions, on Tuesday we are ready to fight for ourselves and our rights. In us burns the fire of passion, which we need to achieve our goals.

Astrological Meaning

People born on a Tuesday are full of power and energy. They embody joie de vivre, have temperament and a strong assertiveness. In them slumbers an irrepressible thirst for adventure. They have a desire for life and want to discover it. In parallel, heated conversations and arguments can be acted out with them. Tuesday children discuss a lot and with pleasure. They often have the last word.




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