Naked Mole

The naked mole rat awakens survival instincts, brings structure, and points out that neither one’s own nor another’s competencies should be underestimated.

The naked mole rat belongs to the rodents and is a suborder of the porcupine relatives. The mouse-like rodent looks naked, but has barely visible hair on its entire body. The subterranean creatures are native to East Africa and can adjust their body temperature to the environment in the range of 12°-32°. These survivalists can survive on little oxygen in their constructed tunnel systems. They have a low respiratory rate and fall into rigidity for more than 15 minutes once oxygen is temporarily unavailable to them.

The quadrupeds feed on plant tubers, do not drink, and absorb fluids exclusively through their food. Since their cells age more slowly, the animals can live over 20 years and for this reason do not get cancer, diabetes of cardiovascular disorders. In addition, scientists found that the mammals, which live in up to 300 rodents per colony, experience a delayed sense of pain. Similar to ants and bees, there is one fertile queen and several working animal groups per colony. The offspring are considered infertile at birth and serve the queen. If a queen dies, stress is induced in the worker animals. This makes them fertile and the naked mole-rat that gives birth to the first offspring becomes the new queen.

Power Animal Naked Mole

The power animal naked mole rat reminds us that appearances or first impressions can be deceiving. One’s own skills and the skills of others should not be underestimated under any circumstances. A time is dawning in which there will be clear structures and hierarchies. The individual development adapts to the communal basic idea and a subordination is necessary. The sense of time changes, as consciousness focuses on maturity and less on the dwindling time until the end of life.

Positive Consideration

The worries about the vitality or the change of time dissolve. The focus is directed with this power animal on the achievement of set goals. Community is worked on the implementation of accruing tasks. Even under adverse circumstances the completion of all tasks succeeds.

Negative Consideration

Those who are carried away to hasty judgments and prejudices will lose out. With the power animal naked mole rat is hardly room for the personal needs or a creative development. In the coming time, it is increasingly a matter of pursuing the fulfillment of one’s duties within an existing order.

Dream Interpretation Naked Mole

If the naked mole rat appears in a dream, the dreamer can fully rely on his ability and skills. Difficult situations will be accepted better absolved. It may be that he is underestimated by his peers, but ultimately he can convince by his actions.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer can better adapt to the given circumstances. He will learn to integrate himself into an existing family or company structure. At the same time, he will experience a better sense of well-being due to the security of the community. There are no distractions, so that a collectively determined project can be successfully completed.

Negative Aspects

At the moment there is no room for the realization of one’s own thoughts, ideas or wishes. The fulfillment of daily duties has priority over personal impulses and an end is not in sight for the time being. The dreamer should not be blinded by superficialities.