The porcupine belongs to the rodents and has nothing in common with a pig. Its spines on the back and tail are its trademark.

The porcupine belongs to the order of rodents. Some species are classified as beavers. The porcupines are the largest rodents on our planet. The animals are native to warm regions such as Africa, the Philippines, India, Indonesia or in warm Central European regions. The spines on the back and tail serve as protection against enemies.

The ground-dwelling brush spines can climb trees and hide well in burrows. The nocturnal animals are vegetarians and feed on fruits, fruits or bark. Their natural enemies include predators such as lions, hyenas or leopards.

Power Animal Porcupine

The power animal porcupine indicates resistance and uncooperative behavior. Emotional injuries are not healed and lead to a principally defensive appearance. An introspection and a processing of experienced developments are necessary in order not to be considered blunt and recalcitrant. Every living being can tell about formative experiences. It is ready to draw quintessences from the experienced and to grow from it. In this way the scepter can be taken over in the future.

Positive Consideration

The spines give protection and security. Thus, the animal is also a leader in difficult phases of life. What is certain is that what has been experienced will not be repeated. The sensors have been sensitized too much. The power animal porcupine wants to remind that the self-protection mechanism works and negative experiences will not happen again.

Negative Consideration

The porcupine illustrates that defensive behavior can lead to isolation and loneliness. The spikes also keep out people who mean it honestly and sincerely. Making a blanket judgment without giving others a fair chance would be the wrong way to go. Likewise, one’s own peaceful and loving inner life is no longer visible behind the protective armor of others.

Dream Interpretation Porcupine

In dream interpretation, the porcupine is to be understood as a warning. The behavior of another person triggers incomprehension, anger and disappointment. Giving in to these emotions is not advisable at this time. Otherwise, there will be mockery, ridicule and the dreamer will be portrayed as ridiculous.

Positive Aspects

The Porcupine lets the dreamer know that he has sufficient resources to withstand the current disagreements with others. The inner protection is strong enough to be able to endure the disagreements.

Negative Aspects

The rodent makes it clear that something is bothering the dreamer. Quarrels, disagreements and emotional injuries are taking place at the moment. The arguments are difficult to endure. Nevertheless, the porcupine shows that the situation will be overcome. Developments become more unfavorable when the dreamer relies on counterattack and defense.