Rodents are a sign of the will to assert oneself. Worries, fears or grief are overcome because giving up is not an option.

Rodents include guinea pigs, rats, mice, beavers, squirrels, groundhogs, hares, hamsters, chinchillas, porcupines or naked moles. These animals are a subspecies of mammals and are characterized by their special lifelong growing nail teeth. The group of quadrupeds are short-legged and do not have high growth height. Most rodents are nocturnal or crepuscular. Widespread almost worldwide, some species live in groups and some are solitary. Most species are herbivores, but there are also omnivores among them. All rodents have numerous predators and have to take shelter especially from amphibians, reptiles and various mammals.

Power Animal Rodents

The power animal rodents gives us the strength to develop the necessary bite for the completion of a task. It brings perseverance and stamina, so that a goal achievement succeeds. The inner urge to face the tasks is immense and will lead to success. Rodents do not give up until even the last step is taken.

Positive Consideration

With this power animal, distractions don’t get a chance. Almost stoically, the challenges are accepted and overcome, so that finally a feeling of well-being can arise. Whether together or alone plays no role. It will happen just as it is right at the moment. A fruitful phase announces itself.

Negative Consideration

An inner restlessness and dissatisfaction spread. The soul does not find balance and does not come to rest. The power animal reminds to take better care of yourself, your thoughts and emotions, so that sleep disorders or inflammations do not arise. It is helpful to use methods and techniques that can create an inner balance.

Dream Interpretation Rodents

If the rodents appear in a dream, it announces hidden sorrow and worries. Unspoken literally gnaws at the dreamer and he finds it difficult to find a way out. It should be certain that everything is in him to ultimately succeed.

Positive Aspects

It is important to believe in yourself and your abilities. They are the ones who can bring a solution in an unpleasant situation. For this, you can call on the support of like-minded or close people. The rodents are also a symbol of fertility.

Negative Aspects

A guilty conscience, a mistake or clumsiness can lead to helplessness and problems. The stressful feelings should not be compensated for by overeating. Rather, it is time for honesty and taking responsibility.