The piranha warns of impending danger and an overbearing demeanor. Conflicts and interpersonal disturbances may occur.

The predatory fish is native to the waters of South America. The freshwater fish are known for their sharp teeth and fast eating of their prey. Piranhas prefer to live in schools and hunt together for crustaceans and other fish. Once they appear individually, they are considered skittish and much less courageous. Scientists were able to prove panic behavior of solitary animals. As soon as the animals are caught, they bite around and try to defend themselves. The diurnal animals are nevertheless considered harmless, as they only become aggressive as soon as they are hungry.

Power Animal Piranha

The power animal Piranha warns against dangers and rash actions. It is necessary to check whether one’s own behavior is controlled from within or whether external circumstances and opinions of others are the cause of current decisions. With this power animal very likely reckless and selfish decisions are made. However, it is also conceivable that thanks to the energetic support of the power animal in a seemingly hopeless situation with the necessary bite can be taken against injustice.

Positive Consideration

If the power animal appears, a joint action against adversaries can lead to a desired success. Alone, a project does not seem to succeed. Therefore, an alliance with like-minded people helps. Common views and opinions are shared. This triggers mutual understanding and strengthens the inner conviction.

Negative Consideration

Group dynamics can strengthen, but also lead astray. The commonality makes the responsibility of the individual deceptively diminish. The power animal suggests that wrong decisions are made and reckless behavior is triggered.

Dream Interpretation Piranha

If the piranha appears in a dream, the dreamer is warned about the actions of his fellow men. It seems that others will turn against him and he has little chance against them.

Positive Aspects

A desired goal can be achieved with the help and support of others. It may be that one’s own strength is just not enough, so that it is necessary to turn to friends or family members.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer faces the accomplishment of his tasks alone. There is a lack of courage and confidence. So that the dreamer does not lose himself in fear, he should get like-minded people and friends for support.