The pig symbolizes luck and prosperity. As soon as it appears, success is certain. Moreover, it brings love.

The pig is a subspecies of wild boar. The animal is not only a food source for humans. In the cultures of the world, it has a very different status, which drifts far apart. In our society it is seen as a lucky pig not only as a decoration gladly.

On the energetic level the animal brings prosperity and financial security. Happiness is favored to the one who connects with it. Likewise, love and creative power are associated with the pig. The very clean animal is full of care for its offspring and shows extremely compassionate social behavior.

Like the cow, it is kept as a farm animal in our region. It mainly provides food and is on the menu of many Europeans several times a week.

Power Animal Pig

The power animal pig wants to express that with perseverance and the necessary stamina many goals in life can be achieved. Happiness approaches and new momentum comes through it.

The animal embodies the balance between the giving and taking component. With him at our side, we learn when the time is fertile.

The mammal wallows in the mud with full body effort and feels a real joy in doing so. We can learn more from the animal than it may seem at first glance. The cycle of life is intensively expressed by the pig.

Positive Consideration

The power animal is considered a sacrificial animal. Who is ready to give sacrifices in his life, will get back fulfillment and prosperity.

The outer and inner wealth returns. The time has come to “let your hair down.” Life wants to be enjoyed so that it can show itself in all its fullness. This requires a certain openness and awareness of the beautiful sides of life.

Negative Consideration

One of the downsides of being a pig is being lazy. It is necessary to question whether everything has really been done to get ahead. Comfortableness or a life completely after the sense desire does not lead to the desired results. Therefore, some course of change should be set.

Likewise, the Pig brings clues to addictive tendencies and a wasteful appearance. The own self is neglected under circumstances.

Dream Interpretation Pign

In the field of dream interpretation, the pig is associated with positive associations. The creative power and the resulting opportunities are represented. Patience pays off and brings a pleasant development.

Positive Aspects

If the animal appears in a dream, good fortune and prosperity are approaching the dreamer. The lucky pig promises good opportunities in the near future and the chance to receive material gains.

A squeaking pig brings joy of life, fun and good times.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer should guard against gluttony and too much comfort. This behavior will bring problems.

If the pig appears in the dream together with jewelry, mindfulness in dealing with money is required. The energetic balance is not given, so the acquired wealth will not last.