The platypus reminds us of the importance of our own needs. In addition, it is a sign of protection from emotional injuries.

The platypus is a cloacal animal. Although it is a mammal, it lays eggs. It lives in streams and rivers in Australia. The males have poisonous hind spurs and are therefore dangerous. The animal is considered extraordinary because it combines the beak of a duck, webbed feet as well as the tail of a beaver, the claws of a bear and the webbed feet of a frog. In addition, the female animals possess only mammary glands instead of nipples. This causes them to “sweat milk” and use it to suckle their offspring.

The platypus is a solitary animal and nocturnal. The cloacal animal feeds on insects, snails and crustaceans. Natural enemies of the platypus include foxes, snakes and crocodiles.

Power Animal Platypus

The power animal platypus promotes unusual ideas and impulses. Seemingly unrelated elements unite and result in something new meaningful. The loner reminds you to focus on your own strengths. He establishes contact with the unconscious emotions and reveals old wounds.

Positive Consideration

In the energetic work with the platypus interesting approaches arise. The perspective is changed and thereby opens new ways. Self-protection is activated and self-confidence increases. Past, present and future are harmoniously united through the power animal.

Negative Consideration

With the power animal hurtful gossip is pointed out. In the past, there were situations where support and backing were missing. The experiences are to be processed. The platypus brings protection from future interpersonal challenges and teaches to defend oneself in case of injustice.

Dream Interpretation Platypus

In dream interpretation, the platypus shows the emotional injuries. The dreamer has become a victim of gossip and talk. The time is ripe to defend oneself against the accusations through creative approaches.

Positive Aspects

The loner is a sign that one’s abilities are more mature than assumed. The inner forces will increase and the dreamer will successfully assert himself against adversaries.

Negative Aspects

If the platypus swims through a dream, the dreamer must expect that he will be denied the support of the environment. No one seems to realize that he needs affection and a loving gesture. Therefore, he is more dependent on himself in the coming period.