The puma or cougar is a cat-like creature. Fast, persistent and headstrong is the predator, which leaves obstacles behind in an instant. In its territory, the quadruped knows its way around and registers almost everything that happens in it.

The puma is assigned to the cats and is native to the continent of America. It can be found in the human-free areas of North, Central and South America. The loner seeks company exclusively during the mating season. The sexual partners concentrate on procreating offspring and leave each other after only a few days even before the young are born. The mother takes care of her children for 20 months and then leaves them to their own devices. The predators feed on all mammals that cross their path. Birds, rats, mice and beavers are part of the diet, as well as moose, stag or sheep and cattle.

Power Animal Puma

The power animal puma illustrates the speed with which the future path of life will be shaped. Doors and gates open. Hurdles and obstacles will be taken. Future steps will be taken at a steady pace. The predator shows the way. No one knows his territory as well as he does. The quadruped can be followed over rocks, elevations and other rocks. He shows that it is easy to get an overview of the situation from a higher position. In addition, he teaches how one’s own strength can be well trained so as not to exhaust oneself in reaching a goal.

Positive Consideration

With the power animal Puma we experience that there are possibilities to grow beyond oneself and one’s limits. Seemingly effortlessly, obstacles can be overcome. In the energetic work with him weak points are tracked down and eliminated. The promotion of one’s own vitality is the focus of the work. One’s own resources are found and problem areas are mastered at the same time.

Negative Consideration

The loner focuses exclusively on himself. Help and support are alien to him. Although phases of withdrawal can have a healing character, it also always involves difficulties of adaptation and togetherness if isolation lasts too long. Moreover, escaping into one’s own thoughts and ideas can lead to a dead end. Lostness and loneliness are the undesirable consequences.

Dream Interpretation Puma

In dream interpretation, the cougar is usually perceived as a positive signal. The animal moves quickly, deliberately and safely, even in the face of seemingly too great challenges.

In the field of sexuality, the animal clarifies the desire, passion and desire. The sexual desires want and should be considered more closely as well as lived.

Positive Aspects

The hunter is considered a successful fighter who gets what he targets. Unwanted guests will quickly feel that it is better not to take unnecessary risks. Against adversaries and enemies the dreamer will be able to stand his ground well.

Negative Aspects

The fulfillment of one’s own desires leads to ruthlessness. The needs of others are overlooked and neglected.
If the dreamer is attacked by a cougar in a dream, there is a possibility that he himself is treated ruthlessly and selfishly by another person in everyday life.