The raccoon is a messenger for a cunning and shrewd approach to a tricky situation. But at the same time the animal warns about people who show devious behavior.

Raccoons are predators, which are assigned to the order dog-like and marten relatives. The nocturnal quadrupeds belong to the family of small bears. The adaptable animals stay mainly near forest areas with access to water bodies. Excellent climbers, they have a good memory and are very adaptive animals.

Same-sex animals often live together in loose small colonies. As males show aggressive behavior towards young, the mothers avoid them until the offspring can defend themselves. The tactile animals are omnivores. They feel everything intensively. As food they prefer insects, worms, toads or beetles. In autumn they also feed on nuts or fruit to gain winter fat.  Their natural enemies include wolves, martens or coyotes.

Power Animal Raccoon

The power animal raccoon promotes the abilities of tactile perception. Not always everything must be recognized with the eyes and analyzed by the mind. The sense of touch of the animal is so strong that the quadruped clarifies on the energetic level to trust what is already held in the hands.

Positive Consideration

A skilled and quick hunter, the power animal has the ability to gain an advantage over others. Goals are often achieved faster with tactics and strategy. Especially in a situation of need, the raccoon helps to find a solution through cunning and skill.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the power animal raccoon includes misleading. The pretense of a false fact can lead to a desired result or mean the way into a trap. Who relies on the word of another and pays insufficient attention to his own perception for this, is deceived.

Dream Interpretation Raccoon

In dream interpretation, the raccoon is a signaler of a deceitful circumstance. People from the close environment will deceive the dreamer and very likely deceive him. Thus, a situation of disillusionment and frustration occurs.

Positive Aspects

If the washable holds an object in his hand, the dreamer is warned in time of a misleading development. Someone gives him a tip, so that disappointment can be avoided.

Negative Aspects

If the dreamer does not trust what he himself has in his hands or is not satisfied with what is available, he will be deceived even more than necessary. He will then not only feel betrayed by others, but will also be more angry with himself.