The raven is a symbol of intelligence, initiation into new methods, as well as magical occurrences. He belongs to the corvids, which are assigned more than 100 species.

Ravens together with crows form the genus of corvids. The larger animals are ravens, the smaller ones are called crows.

The elegant and very intelligent animal brings messages from very different worlds. As soon as he appears, we should check how we can optimize our way of life. With the raven by our side, we get puzzles and questions to deal with in more detail. The energy of the raven birds is used by healers, shamans, mapmakers as well as dream interpreters. The animal is native to our region and therefore very close to us as a power animal. It has the ability to plan and perform complex actions.

In shamanism or incense, raven feathers are used in the performance of rituals to dispel negative energies.

Power Animal Raven

The power animal raven is characterized by a special intelligence. It has a quick learning ability and an exemplary social behavior. In the formation of a swarm, these animals often manage to look like more animals than they actually are in number. In the wild, ravens can be observed embodying a zest for life. They bathe in the air, frolic in the snow and perform tricks. It happens that we can watch a raven doing aerial roll or see it prancing in the air.

At the same time, ravens are scavengers and thus contribute significantly to the preservation as well as creation of a healthy environment. Ravens are very adaptable, loyal and can be affectionate. It is often observed how they seek direct eye contact with humans.

Just like, for example, the blackbird or other birds with a black plumage, the raven makes contact with souls or energies of the other-world or the world of the dead.

Positive Consideration

The power animal Raven lets us know that our wisdom in life and the ability to become more resilient are increasing. These wise animals want to tell us that we are able to foresee future developments or decisions. We are asked to trust our inner sense and perception.

The next steps of action should be well thought out and at the same time playful. In every situation there are several possibilities between which we can choose. Even if we cannot always change and move everything ourselves, the power animal indicates that fateful changes are of a special importance for our own further development. With courage and confidence, we should choose our further steps intelligently and with foresight, resting in ourselves.

Negative Consideration

The shadow side of the power animal indicates that we are indecisive, gloating or gullible. Negative emotions are not completely under our control. Anger, rage, and temptation rule us. If we are not careful, we become unlucky and have to take responsibility for our behavior. Everyday life is characterized by feeling pursued by misfortune.

Negative fateful changes are based on our own misbehavior as well as the fear of being discovered with it. Deception and misdeeds will contribute to ultimately feeling like a failure.

Dream Interpretation Raven

In the field of dream interpretation, the raven shows the existing magical potential. He reveals how we deal with it and know how to use it in our lives. As soon as the bird appears in our dreams, it brings a special message. It points to changes and indicates a transformation in life.

Positive Aspects

In the life of the dreamer a mood of departure is to be expected. The current circumstances no longer correspond to the optimal conditions. Therefore, changes will occur in a short time, which are perceived as fateful. Ultimately, they serve the further development and are thus positive for the person concerned.

If corvids are flushed out in a dream, negative thoughts or developments can be successfully averted.

Negative Aspects

In many cases, the raven is a harbinger of upcoming unfortunate developments. As an unlucky raven, it indicates the negative and dark thoughts of the dreamer. Those who hear the black bird screaming in their dreams or wake up with a fright due to the dream should protect themselves from theft or an embezzlement. Discord or unwanted news play a greater role in the life of the person concerned.

In partnership matters, the raven indicates the infidelity of the partner.