The crow is a bearer of messages. It urges caution and brings mindfulness on the energetic level. The animal brings out the hidden side of the self.

The crows, together with the ravens, form the genus of corvids. The larger birds are ravens, the smaller ones are classified as crows.

The animals are represented all over the world. They bring messages and can attract attention with their sounds. Birds are among the most intelligent animals on our planet. They have the ability to plan and carry out complex actions. The corvids can make tools and are known to use road traffic for themselves to make passing cars crack nuts.

Once an action is successful, the same behavior patterns can be observed within a short time among the animals several hundred meters away.

Power Animal Crow

The power animal crow expresses that secrets or hidden activities are coming to the surface. The veil is lifting and will reveal various things. The time of inner reflection has begun. Everyone should question their own motivation for action and change it if necessary. The crow looks closely, attracts attention through thoughtful behavior and shows a great willingness to learn. These bring further development, knowledge and promotes wisdom. Crows can make themselves noticeable by sounds. Likewise it is to be examined in the own life whether there is a matter, for which if necessary loudly should be admitted. Current developments are to be addressed openly and grievances are to be eliminated thereby.

Positive Consideration

The behavior of the crow is characterized by prudence, foresight and superiority. Likewise, the own thoughtful action leads to success. The eyes are to be opened, so that a good estimate of the present situation is possible. The activities are to be directed to the essential. It is important to wait, to get an overview in peace and only then to take action. In this way, energies can be saved and vitality increased.

Negative Consideration

The crow is often considered cunning. Its observation gives rise to nervousness and restlessness. The animal paces around, looks at everything from different angles and then makes a decision. In everyday life, this behavior can be misinterpreted. In addition, it takes energy if this process takes too long or is not openly discussed with others. Care should be taken to ensure sufficient communication during the observation phase.

Dream Interpretation Crow

If the crow appears in a dream, it brings messages to the dreamer about current developments in his life. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully observe what the crow does in the dream. Important messages are delivered and transformations announce themselves.

The crow usually brings good news, but can also announce the end or death.

Positive Aspects

If the crow is characterized by intelligent actions, the dreamer will make wise decisions and be successful in the coming time.

Negative Aspects

The crow often appears in a sorrowful time. The gloomy thoughts and problems may increase in the near future. The end of an interpersonal connection is often imminent when the crow appears.