The rat is a very intelligent creature. It is common in our climes and is therefore closely associated with our way of life.

Rats are survival artists. The omnivores manage to adapt to changing living conditions and situations in a short time. As soon as a shortage occurs, they look for alternative ways and ultimately only become stronger as a result.

Rodents are rarely alone. They can reproduce at lightning speed while remaining almost invisible for long periods of time. They are fast, intelligent and very capable of learning.

Whether as pets or in the wild, these four-legged creatures fascinate us with their natural talents. They are very similar to mice in the way they live.

Power Animal Rat

As soon as the power animal Rat appears, we are able to successfully complete the challenges ahead. The animal is characterized by a special intelligence, mutability and charisma in the struggle for survival. With these preferences, the obstacles can be overcome.

The mammal has few natural enemies. Even if an opponent appears, it knows how to move wisely and thus get to safety.

Positive Consideration

Rodents live in packs, but can also exist as solitary animals. Their adaptability to changing circumstances is remarkable. The animal lets us know that we have the strength within us for optimal survival in changing conditions.

The rat is always in the right place at the right time. Instinctively, it walks around and knows how to move wisely. This animal senses exactly when the right moment has come to act unnoticed in its own interest. With this power animal, we are therefore always equipped with a night-walking security.

The rodent symbolizes an excellent ability to learn. This leads to a sense of achievement and an increase in self-confidence. Wise decisions are made, which lead to courage and strength.

Negative Consideration

The shadow sides of the rat include unpredictable action steps and a selfish approach. The rodent makes its decisions without regard for the interests of others.

Dirt, filth, control and power over the living beings in the immediate environment are expressed by the power animal. Therefore, the rat can be an indication of false friends who take advantage of the person.

The rat indicates a danger of illness or weakness. A deficiency seems to have a special meaning. This must be uncovered and clarified. Rodents are known to have an increased risk of disease transmission. In a short time, many can be infected by them. Therefore, wise and far-sighted action must be taken as soon as this power animal appears.

Dream Interpretation Rat

The rodent warns of influences in life that can be dangerous. Likewise, it indicates unexpected energies that must be taken into account when making decisions. In the subconscious processes take place, which have a special meaning in everyday life. Therefore, good self-reflection is important.

If rats literally leave the sinking ship, the dreamer still avoids private and professional difficulties in time.

Rats are very robust and can quickly adapt to the new environment in difficult life situations. Therefore, the rodents indicate to get a thick skin. If a wandering rat appears, it is time to clear the field and break new ground.

Positive Aspects

In dreams, a rat can indicate unexpected gains. Existing reserves are stronger than thought and help in difficult situations.

If a white rat appears, there are good prospects of successfully overcoming current challenges.

If a rat is killed in a dream, the dreamer can expect a good outcome in an important matter.

Rodents running around freely indicate a stormy and sexual love affair.

Negative Aspects

As soon as the rodent appears in the dream, current professional and business affairs should be reviewed. The animal indicates miscalculations, a diseased share or necessary distrust. 

In love, as well as in friendly contacts, it may indicate a negative attitude. The dreamer should check the loyalty of his friends and in a partnership pay attention to whether both have the same goals.

If a water rat appears in a dream, special caution is necessary. There is a threat of betrayal by friends.

Catching a rat indicates quarrels and heartbreak. Only with a thoughtful action competitors as well as enviers can be outwitted.

The bite of a rat can be interpreted as a warning. In the immediate vicinity is a person who is trying to discredit the dreamer.