Saturday is a pleasant day for most people. The weekend is ushered in with it.

General Meaning

Saturday brings us back to our strength. It provides a stability and the establishment of our own strength. The energies of this day are described as powerful.

Discipline and the will to achieve goals are expressed more on this day. With a lot of diligence and a clear structure the goals are achieved. Therefore, many people clean the apartment on Saturday, take care of the weekend shopping and schedule time in the afternoon and evening hours for activities outside the home. Likewise, weekend outings are organized with a tight schedule for Saturday. Since the day after is for rest, Saturday is often a time to let our existing energy reserves run at peak form.

Those who let this day ripple along like this increasingly feel an inner restlessness. Mostly, the social environment is busy in a positive sense. Quite automatically, therefore, comes the impulse to also want to get things done and to create a certain order. The feeling of serenity rarely returns without thoughts of tasks to be accomplished. Often the need for sleep is less on this day than on others. Nevertheless, at the same time we feel a good fitness.

Purposefully pursuing group activities or seeking the company of others. We are centered in ourselves at the same time, yet we do not want to be completely alone.

Astrological Meaning

People born on a Saturday can achieve a lot in life. Out of their own hard work, they reach peak performance. Saturday children often take detours to fulfill their desires. They are hardworking and disciplined.
The second half of life becomes easier for these people. The older they get, the more they are rewarded for their efforts.




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