For many people, Friday automatically allows stress to fall away and thoughts to wander to the pleasant activities of life. The beautiful things in life get more attention from us and want to be noticed.

General Meaning

As the last day of the week, Friday has positive associations for many people. Hours of enjoyment and relaxation await us. Everyday life is often characterized by a lascivious basic attitude. Inner serenity sets in and so some matters are left undone. The focus is directed to those matters that are perceived as pleasant and beneficial.

The general busyness increases. It becomes more relaxed and the mood is less strict. Fulfillment of duties and discipline move into the background. Overall, we begin to turn more to our inner needs and want to establish a certain balance on all levels. This changes the approach to the tasks to be done.

The focus of this day is increasingly turned towards the elements that provide pleasures and are less strict. According to individual preferences, we look for approaches where we can simply have fun. In addition, it is increasingly about self-love and attention to the elements of life that we consider beautiful and loving. Our focus is on people who are important to us or on making our lives meaningful to us.

The day is good for making financial tweaks or changing the way we handle money as well. Sometimes shopping is better on this day than on others, because our eye is sharpened for the really beautiful things.

Astrological Meaning

Freitagskinder wissen, wie das Leben in vollen Zügen genossen werden kann. Sie leben im Augenblick und lassen sich von Regeln und Ordnungen nicht beeindrucken. Häufig sind sie undiszipliniert und haben keinerlei Pflichtbewusstsein. Sie haben einen Sinn für alles Schöne und gestalten ihren Alltag danach.




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