On the energetic level, the seagull brings the promotion of intuition and reminds us of the necessary freedom. At the same time, as a symbol of sociability, it expresses the connection with the community.

Seagulls are among the loudest birds in our region. Their cries can be heard over a great distance, despite the wind. The brightly feathered animals live near the coast all over the world. They also often circle over garbage dumps or regions left filthy by humans. Omnivorous, they feed on fish, worms, insects, small rodents and carrion.

Ground-nesting birds defend their own offspring by behaving very aggressively. In doing so, they do not find it difficult to attack and attack humans in addition to predators from the animal kingdom. The waterfowl are elegant gliders in the airspace. Often it seems that they stay in one place in the air for minutes without beating their wings.

Power Animal Seagull

Seagulls are entertaining, like to stay in communities and are considered sociable. These attributes transport them to the energetic level. As soon as the seagull appears, the focus is on looseness and exchange with others. Current developments should not be taken too seriously. Burdens can be left behind, because with the water bird the current emotional state comes to the fore and the sense of duty gets a time-out.

Positive Consideration

The power animal seagull reminds us that intuitive action leads to special experiences of success. It connects the elements air and water with each other. Thus, existing emotions are transported to the outside through intensive communication.

Negative Consideration

The seagull, with its striking sounds, is an animal that is aligned with a schadenfreude. Everything seems chaotic and little structured. Sustainability or a considered approach are not to be expected with this power animal. Interference in other people’s affairs and envy also belong to the shadow side of the power animal.

Dream Interpretation Seagull

If the seagull appears in a dream, it reminds us of the desire for freedom. Those who find themselves in confining circumstances want to escape and feel the freedom under their wings. Strength and courage for it are available. Therefore, the current living conditions are reviewed and changed.

Positive Aspects

The seagull is communicative, imaginative and awakens natural curiosity. There are many exciting things to discover and experience. The exchange with people from the circle of acquaintances and family brings new impulses into life. It is important to take an unconventional course sometimes.

Negative Aspects

If two people do not agree on closeness or proximity to each other, a break in the bond is to be expected. However, this is only likely if there are several sources of conflict. The desire for a little more freedom should therefore be met at an early stage.