The seahorse brings confidence and orientation in the emotional world. It guides through one’s emotions and creates harmony in the current emotional state.

The seahorse belongs to the family of pipefish. Visually, it resembles a horse in the head area and a worm in the lower area. It always moves forward in a vertical posture. The small sea dwellers are found in all oceans of the world, where a temperate or tropical climate prevails.

A distinctive feature of the sea creatures is their reproduction. During the sexual act, the females inject their eggs into the male’s brood pouch. There they are fertilized with his sperm, he becomes pregnant and finally gives birth to the offspring. The food spectrum of seahorses includes small crustaceans. They themselves are consumed by fish, the ray or crabs.

Power animal seahorse

The power animal seahorse brings changes in emotional areas. Something starts to move and bring harmony. The feelings and emotions are not in harmony at the moment. A calming energy flows through the dancing movements of the seahorse. Trust is encouraged in working with this power animal. Intuition will become more important in the future as the powers of inner guidance are mobilized.

Positive Consideration

The seahorse is a symbol of luck among fishermen. Visually, it resembles a small dragon. This is a sign of luck in Asia. The female and male energies combine to bring improvement on various levels, such as partnership or the inner experience. In dealing with the opposite sex, it becomes altogether more relaxed and pleasant.

Negative Consideration

The seahorse has few means of protection. It is physically as well as emotionally easily attacked. At the same time, the power animal seahorse expresses helplessness in emotional areas. Entanglements and unmanageable developments lead to stress as well as problems in processing events.

Dream Interpretation Seahorse

In dream interpretation, the seahorse brings clues to the state of the emotional world. The dreamer himself or a person close to him is represented by the animal. Internal processes are responsible for current moods as well as behavior. The sea creature shows that the belief in a positive development is justified. The animal brings harmony and lucky coincidences.

Positive Aspects

If the seahorse appears in a dream, this is a sign of an approach to the desired partner. Common time with the partner as well as the infatuation are promoted by the seahorse. The feelings for each other are expressed and togetherness is in the foreground.

Negative Aspects

If the sea creature moves helplessly through the dream, it warns the dreamer of emotional entanglements. The emotional world could be upside down if self-protection is not activated. In this case, the dreamer would become entangled in an interpersonal bond, since feelings are not reciprocated.