The shark is a symbol of the assertiveness, the will to win and business success. In addition, the sea creature warns against people who have evil in mind.

Sharks belong to the cartilaginous fish and are considered the most dangerous inhabitants of the world’s oceans. Due to the diverse food supply, they are often found near the coast. In addition, they can be found in the high seas and deep seas of all oceans. Small species also reside in rivers. Depending on the species, reproduction takes place by egg-laying or live birth of the offspring.

Sharks live in groups and know hardly any natural enemies apart from humans. They include rays, whales, larger shark species, seals or seabirds. The imposing animals feed exclusively on other fish. The animals have a highly developed sense of night and smell. In addition, they have a so-called electrical sense, through which they can perceive fine currents, such as the heartbeat.

Power Animal Shark

The power animal shark symbolizes the assertiveness, the will to win and the business sense. The animals go day and night in search of food. Sharks can react with lightning speed and launch sudden attacks. This characteristic transports them to the energetic level. An opportunity is realized and used within a few seconds. At the same time, all things useless are destroyed without leaving any traces.

Positive Consideration

With this power animal, one’s own competencies increase significantly. Courage, fearlessness and readiness for action pay off. At the same time, there is sufficient protection from attacks by others. The own camouflage helps to remain unnoticed before the eyes of the opponent.

Negative Consideration

The shadow sides of the power animal include ruthlessness, selfishness and cold-bloodedness. The pursuit of one’s own interests is in the foreground. There are neither well-considered nor long-term oriented actions. Decisions are made impulsively and thus do not always have to be aimed at fulfilling the needs of all.

Dream Interpretation Shark

If the shark appears in a dream, it warns of hostility and possibly nasty behavior of others. Suddenly and without warning, the dreamer is threatened with situations in which he could be hurt. At the same time, the dreamer is warned not to hurt or run over anyone else by his own behavior.

Positive Aspects

In the near future, unexpected opportunities and chances will arise in the professional field. This means that success is preprogrammed. It is important to bite through now, to be awake and to seize the next opportunity by the scruff of the neck.

Negative Aspects

With all the chances of success, the shark also acts ruthlessly. It is an indication of an energy robbery, physical problems and thereby impairments in the health area.