The sheep is a herbivore. The animals express the willingness to sacrifice, loyalty as well as devotion. The ruminants are among the oldest inhabitants of the earth and are often found on cave paintings.

Sheep are horned animals. The females live together with the young animals in a herd. The males are solitary or live in same-sex groups. The diurnal quadrupeds graze most of the day. They are found in Asia, Europe and America. Through domestication, the goat-like animals also came to New Zealand or Australia.

The young animal is called a lamb until sexual maturity. Natural predators include the wolf, pumga or fox. Wild sheep were exterminated more than 3,000 years ago. Nevertheless, many subspecies of the animals can be found worldwide.

Power Animal Sheep

The power animal sheep brings good nature, devotion and a great willingness to sacrifice. The shy herd animal puts itself at the service of others. It has peaceful intentions and reminds to pay more attention to the desires of their own heart. Young sheep are fun-loving, have joy and jump happily across the meadows. The naivety in us wants to be noticed and at times lived openly. This promotes well-being and joie de vivre.

Positive Consideration

The sheep has something treudoof and at the same time it is sympathetic. It is not always necessary to grasp all the depths of a problem. To reduce stress and tension, it is quite good not to have to show the cognitive peak performance. To let the soul dangle is pleasant and improves the general quality of life enormously.

Negative Consideration

Without the power of the community, the sheep often seems helpless and searches for orientation. It often needs impulses from outside to find the way. Many opinions are asked for, but the intrinsic motivation to find a solution or to try things out is low. In addition, good faith is often shamelessly exploited by others.

Dream Interpretation Sheep

If the sheep appears in a dream, it indicates outside influence and naivety. Other people have an easy time with the dreamer and can take advantage of him. Teamwork is also encouraged. This saves from failure or the emergence of new problems. Good-naturedness and gentleness bring a conciliation in messy situations between two quarrelsome people.

Positive Aspects

A flock of sheep heralds communal success. The need for peace, love and mutual understanding is given. The sheep wants to express that conflicts can be solved by giving in and accepting for the behavior of the other person.

Negative Aspects

The dreamer feels helpless when he does not get support. Without a helping hand, he seems unable to find a solution to a matter. He needs the input of others to find a way out.