The secretarybird brings the assertiveness and pomp. Graceful and strong at the same time is a performance with which he can drive away or defeat even difficult enemies.

Secretaries live in pairs or small groups in sub-Saharan Africa. With its long legs and head feathers, it stands out visually as a bird of prey and is more reminiscent of the crane, which is not related to it. Therefore, the fast runner is also known as the crane vulture. The ground dweller builds a large and messy nest with its mate mainly in the canopies of thorny trees.

The secretary bird, which grows up to 1.50 meters, has an unusual hunting technique. As a skilled snake killer, it moves with dancing elegance and at the same time stomps poisonous as well as non-poisonous snakes to death with its powerful legs, muscular toes and nail-like claws. By flapping its wings violently, the pacer manages to protect its sensitive body parts from snake bites during combat. Its food spectrum also includes reptiles or insects.

Power Animal Secretarybird

The power animal secretarybird combines an extraordinary appearance with power, strength and dominance. The appearance may distract from a possible assertiveness, but this is deceptive. Underestimating him would be a fatal mistake that can end in defeat. The power animal brings elegance, splendor and at the same time can fully assert their own interests.

Positive Consideration

The secretary as a power animal promotes the inner forces, embodies joie de vivre and convinces with his appearance. Especially critics he punishes with his determination. Against enviers or adversaries he can assert himself with finesse and level. The support of a partner can be relied upon, so that backing is given in all situations in life.

Negative Consideration

The power animal is accused of arrogance and arrogance. Instead of simply concentrating on the completion of tasks, composure and a good appearance are important. Without the personal touch it does not work and this leads especially with people of the closer environment for displeasure, annoyance or frustration.

Dream Interpretation Secretarybird

In dream interpretation, the secretary is a symbol of elegant success. Even difficult competitors or rivals will lose out as soon as the bird of prey appears. In the professional or private sphere, good news can be expected in the near future.

Positive Aspects

The dreamer is underestimated by others as well as misjudged. He will use this circumstance to his advantage and realize his own goals. Together it goes through thick and thin. A profitable time awaits the dreamer.

Negative Aspects

The envy of others often results from success. The impression of arrogance can lead to whispering, especially if others have the short end of the stick. On the outward appearance or body language of the dreamer, others will have something to discuss. It is better to simply ignore the talk behind the back.