The swan represents the beauty, grace and grace. The faithful animal is at the same time an important symbol in partnership matters. In addition, he shows the possibility of transformation.

The swan lives mainly in the northern hemisphere of our planet. In the summer months, it likes to breed in European regions located on the fresh water. It spends the winter in warmer zones. The animal chooses a mate and remains faithful to it until the end of its life. Due to its graceful appearance, it is often called the angel of the air. People also associate it with premonitions. The saying “I have a presentiment.” is an expression for an event in the future that will come true.

The feathered fowl belongs to the genus of duck birds and is white. Only the mourning swan is the only one of its kind that wears black plumage.

Power Animal Shwan

The power animal swan brings the transformation from the ugly duckling to a beautiful graceful animal. It announces a positive change in the overall situation on the energetic level. The animal is faithful and very loyal to its partner. Past developments find their conclusion so that new things can arise. With its long neck, the animal gets an overview of the current situation and can place its gaze on the areas that remain hidden from others.

Positive Consideration

Pleasant changes can be expected in love matters. The partnership increases in quality and intensity. True love wants to be lived. Together the coming developments can be mastered. Strength, courage and the protection of the lovers are the focus.

With this power animal a look behind the scenes succeeds. Light comes into areas that have remained hidden until now. Thus, aha effects are possible and the spiritual horizon expands significantly.

Negative Consideration

The swan is also known as the mourning swan. Phases of a depressed mood or filled with sadness can be indicated by him. Anxiousness, loneliness or the loss of parts of the soul he announces. One’s own needs or true nature cannot be lived. Rejection and non-fulfillment are omnipresent.

These difficult times must be overcome by spreading one’s wings and thus nothing stands in the way of floating through the air.

Dream Interpretation Shwan

If the swan appears in a dream, it wants to stimulate the flow of energy of the heart. Transformations of one’s own development are coming. Self-awareness increases and in love there are also changes.

A white swan is a symbol of finding true love.
A black swan is seen as a sign of sadness and unhappy states of mind.
A pair of swans with offspring indicates a fertile time. In addition, there may be growth in real life.
Feeding swans is a symbol of building a lifelong friendship or connection.

Positive Aspects

Two swans swimming on the water or together on land indicate good news in the partnership field. The finding of a new love or the intensification of the present relationship to the partner are expressed thereby. The desire for closeness and security increases.
If a swan flies in the dream, wishes come true.

Negative Aspects

Fighting or dead swans are an indication of hopes not being fulfilled.
If a swan flies away, existing feelings are not reciprocated. Rejection is to be expected.