The swallow is a migratory bird. It brings the hope and is a symbol carrier for the change. The songbird also expresses an existing longing.

Swallows live in northern and central Europe in summer. The migratory birds spend the winter in warm regions such as Central and South Africa. They prefer areas with open landscapes and wide fields. Unlike other birds, they do not build their nests from branches or twigs, but from clay. Inside they are padded with blades of grass and feathers.

Songbirds belong to the order of passerine birds. They feed in flight on the insects that fly into their beaks. Mostly they are flies or other flying insects that buzz around close above water bodies or the ground. Additionally, they delight in critters that crawl along the trees. Their natural enemies include the falcon and the sparrowhawk.

Power Animal Swallow

The power animal swallow, as a migratory bird, brings change and transformation. The bird is called the messenger of spring, because it is in our latitudes from March to October. On the energetic level, it heralds a time of new beginnings and moving forward. The next months seem to become lighter and more buoyant, as a positive development of the inner attitude is to be expected.

Positive Consideration

The swallow announces upcoming developments. Weather changes or other environmental events can be clearly read from changes in the animal’s behavior. Therefore, the power animal brings clear signs for the areas in which changes are to be expected.

Negative Consideration

Mood swings and moodiness are associated with the power animal swallow. If aspects or new information come into life, the animal abruptly changes its direction. Often this brings disturbances in everyday life or in interpersonal areas, because aspired goals are suddenly discarded.

Dream Interpretation Swallow

In dream interpretation, the swallow is a symbol of news and the need for a change. In the domestic sphere, arrivals of loved ones or the feedback in a matter are eagerly awaited. In the life of the dreamer will soon enter new information that will entail decisions.

Positive Aspects

The swallow announces family cohesion and domestic happiness. The wait for a message will soon come to an end. Answers come and bring relief, as the nerves have been too much of a test of patience lately.

Negative Aspects

If the swallow flies through a dream, a disturbance will come into life. New impulses, messages and indications of necessary changes are not to everyone’s taste. Most people react to signals of upheaval with resistance, because they find orientation in familiar patterns.