Swifts bring the independence, freedom and the pursuit of carefree. This animal helps to clear the head and feel emotionally lighter.

Swifts have strong visual and lifestyle similarities to swallows, but are not related to this suborder of songbirds. The swift in particular is almost indistinguishable from the passerine birds in the sky. Swifts are highly adapted to life in the air. Some species can spend several months in the air without interruption, covering many thousands of kilometers. These continuous flyers can move through the air at speeds of up to 150 km/h. The birds feed mainly on insects in flight, are monogamous, and are considered faithful to nesting sites. The sociable migratory birds appear in flocks and are very fond of calling among themselves.

Power Animals Swifts

The power animal swifts brings independence, freedom and the search for the meaning of life. Current affairs can be viewed with a greater distance, so that emotional entanglements are released. A new overall picture will soon emerge as a change of perspective takes place. In the past weeks and months there were constricting circumstances, which will now be reduced.

Positive Consideration

Tensions are released and interpersonal bonds become easier. The togetherness relaxes, there is more communication with each other and thus more similarities of thinking or attitudes can be found than previously thought. Group activities and shared experiences carry you through the coming period.

Negative Consideration

Deeper-seated problems remain unresolved. A flight from detailed work begins. This can lead to a loss of responsibility. Too much distraction is caused by superficial activities or other seemingly more interesting topics.

Dream Interpretation Swifts

If swifts appear in a dream, current conflicts and quarrels will vanish into thin air. It will not be long before the struggle to find a solution comes to an end. The dreamer will notice that many things become easier as soon as hopeless efforts are stopped.

Positive Aspects

Inner contentment and serenity set in. A time-out announces itself, in which time can be enjoyed together with like-minded people. There is unity in the partnership and family or friends can be relied upon. The strength of the community carries you through the coming time.

Negative Aspects

The swifts announce hopelessness and fears. On the shoulders of the dreamer seems to be a burden that he wants to get rid of. In a matter not everything goes according to plan, so there will be nothing left but to give way to the course of events.